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575307_160829527379579_523184638_nAre you single and living in Eldoret? Meet local singles who are interested in dating someone like you or even having a serious relationship. is the only free dating site in Kenya that offers free dating services in Eldoret and beyond. When you try us today you open the doors for interested men and women to contact you. If you are a man you can meet beautiful girls or if you are a girl you can meet hot hunks who will carry you away to romanceville.
To create a free personal ad and start meeting singles right away head over to here. Ensure that you describe clearly the kind of partner you are looking for and also describe yourself so you can increase the chances of meeting someone interesting. A profile picture too is good. Personals with pictures get the most views and have a better chance of helping you meet someone.

You will need an email so that interested people can contact you. If you do not have a personal email you can create one for free on Yahoo or Gmail. Your email address is private and is never shared with anyone. You will receive messages of men or women who are looking for you straight into your inbox.

You can also browse for singles like you. It’s a faster way of meeting people.

Dating online in Kenya has never been easier. Now you have the chance to meet diverse people from all over the world for free. Try our free dating service and you will never regret. If you like it share with friends so you can help other singles find love easily. Share with Friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. All the best in finding someone to love.

30 thoughts on “Meet Singles in Eldoret

  1. am a freshgraduate dude from kenya….am in need of sugarmummy without age limits. am 25 yrs based in eldoret. am somehow tall…….well fitted with medium size body…..brown in complexion & hundsome.

  2. I need a woman that is outgoing and willing to be discreet with me.I am not looking for something too “real” I just want to meet for a good time,all I want from a point is good to me I promise not to bite

  3. Allan.
    Just need a fun loving sugar mummie and frankly down to earth. Money is not to be of much importance. Contact me. I stay in Eldoret and am of medium height and built and xamn know how to romance a mature lady. Try me.

  4. Im a 21 year old guy from Eldoret looking for a serious sugar mummy who can support me in paying for my fee and other needs and i will spoil her and do ehat it takes to make her happy

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