Getting Ready For Your Date

The third date does not need to be as formal as the first and second dates. Dress casually, as you know each other well enough now to let loose a bit. If you’ve taken my advice, you’ll be eating in and renting a movie or something of that nature. If it’s an afternoon date, you may be spending part of the day outdoors. Either way, you should dress comfortably. Anything too fancy may make your date think that you are trying to hard. A women could scare her date off by looking like she’s not comfortable in a casual setting, or he may think that she’s overly high-maintenance. A man might chase a woman right out of his life if he shows up looking too casual (like he just finished working on his car).

You made it this far, don’t get complacent. Plan what you will where in advance so that you don’t get yourself stressed out right before the date, trying to find the perfect outfit! Make sure you are well groomed. Men, take a shower, trim those claws, clean behind your ears—all of that good stuff that I hope you would normally do anyway. Women, shower, dress, keep your hair natural, don’t over due it with the makeup. Both of you could dab a little perfume/cologne behind your ears if you wish. I especially stress this to the guys, don’t over do it with the cologne, most women prefer the natural scent of a man.

Timeliness is also important. If you have set a time for the date, please be sure to arrive on time. If by chance you get stuck in traffic or an emergency arises, call before the time you are expected to let your date know what is going on. Otherwise you risk upsetting the person needlessly, which is not a good way to begin a date. Also, you don’t want to give the impression that you are thoughtless or inconsiderate. Believe me, if you’re late it will be noticed!

By this time you may feel so comfortable with your date that you somehow believe they are already yours exclusively. Don’t deceive yourself. Don’t call constantly, as this is still a new relationship. Also be mature and don’t play head games. If you say you’re going to call then call.


Loves you.

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