Third Date Rule

Everyone has different ideas and expectations about when you should infuse a dating relationship with intercourse. Whether you have met someone through a friend, in a bar or an online dating service, there is currently a broadly accepted rule of courtship: The Third Date Rule. Some believe that if either party declines sex on the Third Date, it’s a clear sign that the relationship is going nowhere. For some, the widely accepted third date rule no longer holds true. Everyone has different ideas about what time is the right time. So how do you know when it is the right time? Is the third date rule set in stone?

Although this is not a popular belief in today’s world of promiscuity and sex before marriage, it can destroy the future of your relationship! Yes, I’ve said it and I mean it! If you really want your relationship to flourish forever why rush into sex just because you are on your “third date”!

This may seem old fashioned, but when sex is rushed into without love, commitment and marriage, something is lost permanently. If a man truly believes he loves a woman and that she loves him, then he should propose marriage the good old-fashioned way. This is a true sign of respect and love for your partner. Ask yourself this, if you cannot maintain self-control now, how will you use self-control in all the other important areas of the relationship?

Sex between a man and a woman who plan to have a permanent future together deserves the respect of waiting. If you are an adult with life experiences, you probably know that this is true. How many times have you believed you’ve fallen in love with the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with, only to see the relationship fail and fall a part. I’m sure you’ve told yourself that sex is only natural—and it is—but it is also special and beautiful in love and marriage, and certainly not meant to be used casually and taken for granted. You already know that you are physically attracted to this person. You’re not an ignorant teenager anymore; you are an adult—so behave like one! I’m sure your relationship will reap many rewards—I guarantee it! So there you have it…that is my humble opinion on the “third date rule”.


Loves you.

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