Third date tips

After spending adequate time chatting with someone and going on a couple of dates, you have finally reached the third date and it’s exciting. After all, with online dating or dating of any kind, the goal is seeing a relationship come to fruition. Just as you took precautions when on the first date, you now need to use a new set of precautions.

You made it past the first and second dates. Now your looking for some third date tips. First you have to decide: if you really want to go on a third date? Is this worth pursuing? You need to ask yourself a few questions before moving forward in this relationship. How interested are you in dating this person? You probably don’t know each other very well yet, but are you beginning to feel comfortable with this person? Can you talk about some of your thoughts and feelings? Keep reading for third date tips and ideas which may prove useful to you.

Although it is important to have warm feelings about your date, these feelings should not be the deciding factor on continuing this relationship. In a good relationship you will also need to be compatible on many levels—not just on physical attraction! If you’re hoping to find a life partner, you should be able to have conversations regarding the values you have, your hopes, your dreams, and the desires of your heart. The heart determines love but in healthy relationships you must also be wise. Some of us have given our love to those who were either unwilling or unable to fulfill our needs, and so we waste our precious time and may end up with a broken or crushed heart.

If you decide to go on a third date, make sure to take it slow. Even though all the signs are looking positive, you need time to get to know each other better before getting serious. First, you have to relax, all the third date tips I can give you won’t matter if you are not relaxed. By the third date you should both be loosening up a bit. Just be yourself and have a good time.

Despite the mythology surrounding it, (eg: the third date rule) the third date really is just another date. Yes, the third date holds more importance than the first date or second date; but so does the fourth date, the fifth, and so on. The third date carries no special status. It is not a point of no return. If you decide against a third date, be firm and respectful in letting the other person know. Treat him or her the way you would like to be treated in this situation. I hope that the third date tips offered on this website will move you in the direction of a meaningful relationship.


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