Where To Go On My Third Date

Now that you have decided on this “third date”, where will you go? “Where to go on a third date?” is a question we have all asked ourselves at some point. The third date is often the defining moment in a new relationship. The first date probably came about because of mutual physical attraction and the second because you found some interesting qualities in your date. This is a very exciting place to be in a new relationship! Since by this time, you’ve most likely been to dinner at a nice restaurant, a good movie that you’ve both agreed upon to see, and an after movie coffee and dessert. Where will you go for this “third date”?

In deed, in many relationships, the figurative “third date” is where you tend to spend more comfortable time together. A cozy movie night at home is where you might spend the evening sharing your favorite movies together. In the past I suspect these dates took place in front of a record player, where songs were traded back and forth. Today, in a technological world replete with video on demand, satelite radio, digital cable, rewind, pause, and DVD features, it is the couch where these defining moments are made!

Dinner at her house (or yours) would be a nice place to go on a third date. By now you should know a little bit about what kinds of foods your date enjoys. You don’t have to cook anything elaborate. The meal should be easy to prepare. The atmosphere of your home should be inviting but not intimidating in any way. Make sure your house is clean and thier are no unusual odors. You know what I am talking about guys. Spray some air freshener, get your self an air cleaner, or whatever you have to do. Nothing ruins a moment like the smell of cigarette smoke or dirty socks. After the dinner you can enjoy a movie together and then some conversation afterwards.

On the “third date” you should be able to relax a little and just have some fun! If your third date takes place in the afternoon, why don’t you go somewhere or do something that can only be done during daylight hours. If the weather permits, you can go to the lake, or park. After a walk around the lake, how about renting a rowboat for an hour or two. Since you’ll both be hungry afterwards why not go for lunch at a coffee shop or diner. It really doesn’t matter where you go to eat; as long as you know the food is good and the atmosphere is casual.

There are plenty of things to do on your “third date”. Use your imagination! Make some suggestions to your date and also ask him/her what he/she would like to do. Relax—have a great “third date” whether in your home or out and about. Where ever you decide to go on your date…have fun!


Loves you.

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